Puppetry Productions

Planning a production or musical that involves puppets? Whether it's in theatre, school tour, TV or film, puppets communicate with the audience in a unique way. They can represent humans, animals or imaginative characters, and contribute to the mood and atmosphere of the performance.

Mascots and Puppets Specialists provides puppets and puppetry direction. Our clients include government bodies, theatre groups, TV production firms and events companies.

Possible collaborations include:
- Conceptualization of show
- Choreographic and artistic direction
- Compilation of music and other multi-media works
- Design, customization and creation of puppets and props
- Providing puppeteers for performances

Make a Difference with Kindness 2018
We are back again with a new immersive and interactive storytelling style puppet show incorporating effective shadow, table-top style puppetry

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Pinocchio – A Whale of a Tale
2 - 15 Apr 2018 at the Pavilion, Far East Square A fun-filled puppet musical filled with many wonderful puppet

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The Little Shop of Horrors
The Little Shop of Horrors was presented by Dream Academy & The Dim Sum Dollies, directed by Glen Goei. Also

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