Puppet Shows

Frankie's performance is a unique experience in itself. His award-winning string puppet performances showcase exquisite puppetry, down-to-earth humor and visual artistry that connects with both the man-in-the-street and seasoned artistic audiences.

Shows Available

puppets alive puppet show

Puppets Alive!

Theme: introduction to contemporary puppetry
Audience type: school students
Duration: approx. 30 mins

Puppets Alive is a 30-minute puppetry programme that showcases and explains a variety of different contemporary puppet styles to students. Audience will see the various puppets presented in a lively, interactive, and humorous manner. Featuring various types of puppets (including string puppets, hand puppets, rod puppets, and finger puppets), students will also get to experience the possibilities and creativity involved in the different forms of puppetry, as well as understand the skill involved in the operation of the puppets. 

Schools may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise the programme cost.

award-winning streets of singapore puppet show

Streets of Singapore

Theme: featuring multi-racial Singapore
Audience type: fair mix of adults/children
Duration: approx. 30 mins

Streets of Singapore! is an out-of-the-box marionette puppetry performance with a unique local flavor. It showcases an impressive cast of unique characters from the four main ethnic group, including Chinese singers, Peranakan dancers, and even Bollywood dancers to cheer and entertain their way into your hearts. Singapore Strings! promises to excite and enthrall audiences of all ages with its combination of beautifully handcrafted puppets, great music, audience interaction, and loads of fun for the whole family.


children puppet show string fling

String Fling

Theme: Fun-filled performance
Audience type: Mainly children
Duration: approx. 30 mins

This is an amazing fun-filled performance that features exceptional talents from all over the world. It features marionette stars like Bruno, the juggling clown who astonishes the audience with his unbelievable stunts, but has trouble keeping his pants on. And there is the Skeleton, who brings nerve-gripping moments when he breaks apart while dancing in his bones. The world goes under the magnifying glass when Johnny is joined by the Fuzzy-Wuzzies to do his boogie-woogie. A surprise awaits when they unite in harmony.

‘String Fling’ combines great music and humor and the beautiful marionettes will definitely bring the audience joy and laughter. Served with pizzazz, this show is filled with engaging and interactive moments, and will be a special treat to both children and adults.

nostalgia puppet show for seniors

Food Street

Theme: Nostalgia, dialect songs
Audience type: Elderly/dialect-speaking
Duration: approx. 30 mins

Relive the good old amusement days with an impressive cast of local and international marionette characters and icons. Party with them in this multi-lingual show in English and local dialects. Be entertained by a getai singer that will dance and sing
her way into your hearts.

birthday party show

Birthday Show

Theme: Birthday Party
Audience type: Children 4-12 years old
Duration: approx. 35 mins

This is our special puppet and magic show created specifically for small to mid-sized birthday parties and celebrations! Suitable for children from 4 to 12 years old, this 35-min show is full of excitement and entertainment that will bring life to your party! There will never be a dull moment with our unique and lovable puppets and marionettes (string puppets)!

“It’s A Small World” is the BIGGEST small show in town where lovable characters, songs, puppets, and magic come alive in a world like no other. Our wacky puppet characters, hilarious audience interaction and amazing magic tricks that will leave children with giant grins on their cheeks.

For more info, visit puppetpartymagic.com

Entertaining.    Engaging.    Educational

Frankie performs frequently in a variety of venues, such as schools, libraries, theatre, malls, events, corporate functions, birthday parties, and even cruise ship. His flexible set-up allows him to do both stage performances and interactive roving acts.

"I received very positive feedback – and requests for your contact information from other members of our management. I actually called to thank you for the successful event yesterday ...... Thanks once again and will be sure to recommend you to my associates ......"


Event coordinator

"I really enjoyed both your promo and your children's show. I see that you are not only a craftsman, but also a wonderful entertainer. You really put on an engaging show."

Brad Lancaster


"Pupils enjoyed the show. They are able to learn good values through this fun and interesting show."


Primary 2

"Children loved puppets/characters. (e.g. Fii) They bring across important messages in a light-hearted way... It was well-liked by children of all age groups. Will want to see more of these."